Maxim Santalov

Maksim Santalov Was born in Moscow in 1988. By education, a radio and television set-up. Interest in creativity came during work at the airport "Vnukovo." Profession Supervisor required constant monitoring of the preparation of aircraft to departure by ground-based airfield services. The duties included filling technological cards, which served as drafts for future work. Afternoon in cockpit pilots of empty airplanes, in anticipation of the arrival of the flight boards and secret from the authorities created sketches, and at night the house sketches metamorphosis. The experiment lasted for 3 years. This period was marked personal exhibition, three collective, victory in the international competition artists, the development of several techniques (in particular, engraving on paper). Proposal of the Dutch gallery "No Man's Art Gallery" to take part in the art-residence Forced to say goodbye to aviation. For 4 years of cooperation with the gallery, organize 3 personal exhibitions in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, take part in the dozen collective exhibitions and art fairs in Shanghai, Cape Town, Rotterdam and Paris.
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